Friends Group Marine Services

Welcome to Friends Group Marine, Egyptian ship chandler and Suez Canal transit agent.
Friends Group Marine Services was established in the year of 1990 at Port Said as
Ship chandler, General ship supplier

From the beginning we were known for, honesty and reliability which built our high reputation and expanded client's network world wide and created high growth situation.

Today Friends Group, has branches in every Egyptian port with dedicated professional team and a large warehouse in a tax free area, gathering most of the items requested by vessels calling Egypt.

balance of the equation" high quality, reasonable prices & the right time".

We supply;

Provisions :
Due to differences in taste and ships crew nationalities we were obliged to out source products from all over the world to meet and satisfy our clients needs at reasonable prices. Products are warehoused in cooled, frozen rooms. On the fresh side, our market is famous for fresh fruits & vegetables which are delivered to ships daily from the market.

Bonded Stores :
Items of bonded stores, beverage, cigarettes,
confectionary, perfumes, electronics, gifts &
souvenirs at highly competitive prices are available.

Technical Stores :
* Electrical and pneumatic tools,
* Hand, cutting, measuring tools,
* Valves, all types,
* Electrical supplies,
* All metals in sheets and bars,
* Pipes & tubes,
* Pipe fittings,
* Welding equipments,
* Screws, bolt & nuts all threads,
* Thermometers & pressure gauges,
* Hoists of all types,
* Packing & jointing,
* Safety items and equipments IMO approved,
* Hoses & couplings,
* Nautical equipments,
* Cleaning materials and paint brushes,
* Stationery & office supplies,
* Lavatory equipments.

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